About Cheeky Wipes Ltd

Cheeky Wipes™ Ltd is Christchurch based business, producing soft 100% cotton towelling wipes for baby's bottom and face.

The concept behind the production of the wipes is to reduce the use of disposable wipes reducing the landfill, so better for the planet and most of all, better for baby.

A little about Jen Low, Cheeky Wipes owner

As a grandmother of twelve beautiful grandchildren, I am a fan of these wipes too! I created a very similar ‘wipe’ when I had my children 30 years ago because they had eczema and allergies to aloe vera and other additives in the disposable wipes.

They are better than any disposable wipes as you can warm them up on cold days and cool them off when it is hot. You always know they are clean and the best thing is that they are reusable so to me this means "savings".

My passions include sewing and knitting and to take care of my many beautiful grandchildren. I do all this right here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Hear from you soon,  Jen


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